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Leaders in India respond to the BJP's top list, and we now know why Gambhir wants to resign

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Congressman Pawan Khera stated that it was evident why Gautam Gambhir declared in the morning that he wished to leave politics following the release of the BJP's initial list of 195 candidates for the next Lok Sabha election, which is scheduled for 2024. When Gautam Gambhir ji and Jayant Sinha sahib repeatedly declared their intention to leave political politics, we were clueless about what was going on. Did they not like how the party was operating? However, since the release of the list, numerous names have been omitted. Is the work of those incumbent MPs not up to par with the BJP leadership's standards? Who will thereafter be accountable to the public for the preceding five years? Did PM Modi imagine that his name would not even be used to win? "The BJP has to explain why the sitting MPs have been dropped every time PM Modi comes to seek votes in his name," questioned Pawan Khera.

Five of the 195 names that the BJP announced on Saturday came from Delhi, which saw a significant upheaval. Praveen Khandelwal (Chandni Chowk), Manoj Tiwari (North East Delhi), Bansuri Swaraj (New Delhi), Kamaljeet Sehrawar (West Delhi), and Ramvir Singh Bidhuri (South Delhi) are the BJP candidates from Delhi. The current Members of Parliament, Meenakshi Lekhi, Harsh Vardhan, Parvesh Verma, and Ramesh Bidhuri, have been removed.

Mahua Moitra, the head of the Trinamool Party, attacked the original list for having so few women on it. "Of the 195 candidates announced by the BJP, 28 are women. Just 14%, to be exact. What became of the reservation for 33 percent? Now, where are the vandanas? Is Nari Shakti somewhere? A group of misogynistic hypocrites make up @BJP. "Blond-faced liars as well," Mahua Moitra wrote on X.

Akhilesh Yadav, the chief of the Samajwadi Party, claimed that the BJP had released the list of candidates for the 195 seats in which it has a remote possibility of winning. "The BJP has conceded defeat, as evidenced by the first list. The BJP workers are really disappointed with the list since tickets have been given to people who did not work in their area and did not intend to be fielded again, according to Akhilesh.

On Saturday morning, East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir stated he had asked JP Nadda, the party's leader, to release him from his political responsibilities so he could concentrate on his cricket commitments. His constituency is still unnamed on the first list. Therefore, it's unclear at this time whether the party has granted his request.