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"Intolerable red line": The US ambassador's remarks regarding the Gurpatwant Pannun case and India's threats

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In response to threats made by Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Eric Garcetti stated that the American system guarantees free expression "for better or worse."

The United States and India were cooperating in the investigation of the purportedly aborted attempt to kill Khalistani insurgent Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, according to US ambassador to India Eric Garcetti. However, according to news agency ANI, Eric Garcetti stated that there is a "red line" that should not be crossed between the two nations.

When asked about the Khalistani marches and Gurpatwant Singh Pannun's threats, Eric Garcetti responded that free expression is protected under the American system "for better or worse."

American and Canadian citizens both recognize Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, an Indian terrorist. He has threatened India on several occasions. Days have passed since the Joe Biden administration declared that it was collaborating with the Indian government to bring those responsible for a conspiracy to kill the Khalistani insurgent on American territory to justice.

Nikhil Gupta charged

In November of last year, federal authorities charged Nikhil Gupta, an Indian national, with complicity in an aborted assassination attempt against Pannun. Nikhil Gupta has been accused by US federal prosecutors of collaborating with an Indian government employee and of having paid an assassin USD $1,000,000 to assassinate Pannun, a resident of New York City.

A inquiry committee has already been established in India to look into the claims. Saying something will be bombed instead of saying someone shouldn't fly is what happens when people cross the line. According to ANI, Garcetti stated, "We want everyone who is accused of a crime to succeed and cross the line into a positive outcome in the United States of America.

"We'll keep working because it must comply with our legislation in order for an American citizen to be deported due to a criminal case in another nation or to be found guilty in an American court. We will be collaborating on that if someone ever says something that crosses that boundary—I know it's been quite close," he continued.

Pannun threatened Air India

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatened to prevent Air India from operating on November 19 last year. After thereafter, on December 13, the anniversary of the attack on the Parliament, he also threatened to attack the Indian Parliament. But the ambassador also emphasized that there is a "red line" that should never be crossed and that no government employee, no matter where in the world, may be complicit in a plot to kill a foreign national.

That is, in my opinion, crucial. In an abstract sense, that ought to be a red line for any of us. There cannot be any involvement by the government or any government employee in the purported assassination of one of your own citizens. That red line is simply intolerable, according to Garcetti.

Any nation whose government actively participates in an attempt to kill one of its nationals in another nation. That's often a red line for any nation, in my opinion. It is a fundamental question of sovereignty. That's a fundamental rights issue, Garcetti continued in the interview. In response to a question regarding the assault on the Indian consulate in San Francisco last year, the US ambassador stated that an enormous amount of time and resources had gone into the inquiry. He also expressed optimism that a workable solution will be found.

The attackers stormed the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco on March 19. Early in the morning, some attackers tried to set fire to the Consulate building by scattering flammable materials around. Later, on July 2, at midnight, some individuals made an attempt to set fire to the Consulate building.