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'I Believe In India's Judiciary,' says actor Sahil Khan after being arrested in the Mahadev Betting App case.

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Sahil Khan, an actor and influencer, was detained by the Mumbai Police on suspicion of being involved in the Mahadev betting app case. The Special Investigating Team (SIT) of the Mumbai cyber cell captured him in Chhattisgarh after the Bombay High Court denied his request for pre-arrest bail.

Sahil had already been summoned by the SIT and three other people for questioning in December 2023, but he had failed to appear. Denying any direct affiliation with the betting site, he stated that he was only a brand promoter for The Lion Book brand under a contract with M/s. Isports247. He was a co-owner of the app, according to the police, though. He was transported from Raipur to Mumbai. He was the partner of Lotus App 247, the police said. The actor declared, "I believe in the judiciary of the country," after being taken to Mumbai.

Prior to this, Sahil had stated that he will get paid 3 lakhs a month for 24 months to post promotional videos on his social media. In spite of this, the court rejected his bail request, noting that he was personally involved in the unlawful activity. Sahil, who gained popularity for his parts in Style and Excuse Me, is now more focused on fitness. He started Divine Nutrition, a company that sells fitness supplements.

It was previously reported in 2023 that Sahil Khan and three other people were called in by the crime branch to provide testimony on December 15 as part of their investigation into the Mahadev betting app issue. Nevertheless, Khan was active on social media during that time and did not appear before the authorities for an inquiry. Even a photo of him sitting in a pool was uploaded by him, along with the message, "Good morning, Jumma Mubarak." His apparent disregard for the police summons has garnered attention and condemnation.

Authorities reportedly stated that Sahil Khan, a YouTuber and fitness instructor, organized celebrity get-togethers to advertise the app and encourage more people to use it, according to sources in IANS. Several other Bollywood actors were investigated in connection with the issue, which is being investigated concurrently by the Enforcement Directorate, after multiple agencies launched a campaign against betting and gambling apps.