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NEET-UG 2024: Two Candidates File Appeal With Supreme Court, Claiming It's Injuste to Throw Out Whole Exam Due To Mischief By Few

Two applicants have submitted an intervention plea objecting to the rescheduling of the 2024 exam in connection with the NEET-UG 2024 dispute. Ms. Kritika Garg and Ms. Priyanjali Garg, the applicants/interveners, have contended that students who have studied for years shouldn't have to endure the hassle of retaking the test. They said that this would be detrimental to the families of the majority of pupils in addition to being unfair to them.

Today is the first Parl session following the LS elections. other MPs and PM Modi to take an oath; NEET-UG 2024 dispute, with an emphasis on the speaker election

The freshly elected members of the 18th Lok Sabha, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are scheduled to take an oath of office today, marking the start of the first session. Following the recently held Lok Sabha elections, in which the BJP won 240 seats and the NDA won 293 seats, this is the first session of the Parliament.

Eight students at IIT Bombay face fines of up to Rs 1.2 lakh per for their "derogatory" portrayal of the Ramayana in a play.

MUMBAI: At least eight students from IIT-Bombay, some of whom are graduating and others are juniors, have been fined up to Rs 1.2 lakh for putting on a play called Raahovan on March 31 during the school's annual performing arts festival. Some students complained that the performance, which was largely based on the Ramayana, portrayed the main characters in a demeaning way.