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Congress Receives Legal Notice from Nitin Gadkari Regarding Sharing of "Twisted, Distorted" Interview Clip

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Nitin Gadkari sends legal notice to congress for sharing twisted distorted clip of his interview

In response to the Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge and general secretary Jairam Ramesh uploading a “twisted, distorted” version of one of his interviews on the microblogging platform X, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari submitted a legal notice to both parties on Sunday. In an allegation that the Congress "concealed the contextual intent and meaning" of his interview when it published a 19-second clip, Gadkari said that the Congress's "sinister act" was carried out purely to "fan and create confusion, sensation and disrepute" about him.

Gadkari stated that the Congress leaders' "intentional attempt" to "insult and demean" him was demonstrated by the "factually incorrect" film, "coupled with the intent to provoke members of the BJP to develop ideological rift." In addition, he asserted that the video had caused "huge reputational harm, defamation, and great loss of credibility." The BJP leader's notification stated, "The interview has also been twisted, distorted, and presented on your microblogging site 'X' wall by uploading the above video which is bereft and devoid of contextual meaning." Then, Gadkari wanted a written apology from Congress within three days and urged that the post be removed "within 24 hours of receipt of this legal notice."

Nitin Gadkari was heard stating, "Villages, poor, laborers and farmers are unhappy," in the video that the Congress released.There are poor roads, unsafe drinking water, inadequate hospitals, and inadequate schools in the villages.

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways has charged that Congress has omitted passages from his speech regarding the efforts being made and the positive results they have seen under the current Union Government's tenure. Gadkari claimed, "(They) posted the Hindi captions and video by hiding the contextual meaning of the interaction, which is malicious and purposeful to damage the minister's reputation." Congress has not yet replied to the notification.