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Israel-Iran challenge in real-time: Biden promises a G7 response; today's UNSC meeting

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Iran-Israel conflict: The region is now experiencing a greater crisis as a result of the extraordinary Iranian attack on Jerusalem

Welcome to our live coverage of the rising hostilities between Israel and Iran, which have the potential to worsen the situation in the region. The long-running secret conflict between the two regional rivals has significantly increased as a result of Iran's extraordinary drone and missile attack on Israel.

The extent of the damage is yet unknown as reports of air raid sirens appear from a number of sites, including the northern and southern regions of Israel, the northern West Bank, and the Dead Sea close to the Jordanian border. The Israeli military declared that it is coordinating with the US and other regional allies to counter and intercept the missiles. Some of the Iran-launched drones that were heading toward Israel were reportedly shot down by US soldiers.

Diplomatic flurry ignited by international anger over Iran's attack on Israel. Who made what statement?

Already at an all-time high, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards acknowledged their involvement in the counterattacks, attacking Israeli sites with ballistic missiles and drones.

This most recent round of hostilities comes after Iran repeatedly threatened to retaliate for an airstrike on its Damascus consular annex on April 1. Several Iranian Guards, including senior officials, were killed in that incident.

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