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Crocodile Attacks Visiting Zookeeper Jumping Viral Video

Image credit: additional resources.

At the Scales and Tails Reptiles Center in Utah, a crocodile assaulted a female zookeeper. The incident's video, which went viral right away, shows a courageous visitor and coworker leaping into the cage to save the victim.

The incident happened in 2021 at the Reptiles Center, according to Around the crocodile cage, children celebrating a birthday gathered to see zookeeper Lindsay Bull give the reptile lunch. The zookeeper was abruptly caught by the eleven-year-old, eight and a half-foot-long crocodile, which clamped its jaws and began dragging her.

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According to additional reports, a 48-year-old tourist attempted to free the zookeeper's hand by jumping into the tank. In addition, a different zoo employee removed the victim from the crocodile. Children sobbing surrounding the cage are also seen in the video.

When the old video reappeared online, social media users were left cold. In response to the video, one user praised the guest for jumping into the cage to save the victim, writing, "Very impressive man. He put his life at danger to ensure she could keep her arm. "That man has got serious guts and deserves more than just a thank you," said a different commenter.