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US ship carrying supplies to construct a pier sets sail for Gaza on an aid mission

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NEW DELHI: After President Joe Biden pledged to boost aid delivery to the embattled enclave, a US Army warship carrying supplies for building a temporary pier in Gaza sailed for the Mediterranean on Sunday. By avoiding Israeli supervision over land shipments, this represents a change in how the humanitarian issue in Gaza is being addressed. Israel was pleased with the marine delivery and made sure that the cargo headed for Gaza was inspected in a Cyprus staging area. This action reflects Biden's growing concern over civilian casualties in his criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinian casualties in the conflict have increased recently; nine Palestinians, including children, have died as a result of an Israeli bombing in Gaza City, among other events. Thirteen individuals were killed by Israeli artillery fire at a tent camp for displaced Palestinians in Deir al-Balah, including women and children. Over 30,960 Palestinians have died since the conflict started, according to the Gaza health ministry, with women and children accounting for two thirds of the casualties. The United States of America began preparing to build a makeshift harbor in Gaza for maritime supplies, and the first ship that left was loaded with building supplies. In an effort to alleviate Gaza's supply scarcity, the EU, the US, the UAE, and other countries support the maritime route.

Attempts to achieve a six-week cease-fire before to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan encountered challenges on another front, as Hamas demanded guarantees for an enduring cessation of hostilities. During the brief truce, it was hoped to free captives and hostages and allow relief to arrive. The complexity of the situation underscores how urgently the Gaza humanitarian catastrophe needs to be addressed.