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Bangalore Blast: What Karnataka Authorities Know About the Suspect Rameshwaram Cafe: Ten Points

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Bengaluru: On Friday, a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory, the bomb disposal squad, and the dog squad looked into the explosion that occurred at The Rameshwaram Cafe on Thursday in the Whitefield neighborhood of Bengaluru. Ten individuals were hurt in the explosion.

1) The suspect looks to have arrived at the cafe by a public bus, according to remarks made by Karnataka Home Minister Dr. G Parameshwara on Saturday morning. He stated that in search of tangible proof, the police are going through CCTV video. "We have formed a number of teams. We have some CCTV footage that we have gathered. That was the route taken by a BMTC bus at the time of the explosion. It is known to us that he arrived via bus. The accused will be taken into custody as soon as we can," he declared.

2) According to G Parameshwara, the blast was set off using a timer. "Our teams are performing admirably. The FSL crew is working on the explosion, and a timer was utilized. We're having a conference with high-ranking police officials about the blast at 1 pm, and CM Siddaramaiah will preside over it," he stated.

3) To investigate the explosion, the Karnataka government has constituted eight committees. A young person came and left a tiny bag at the Rameshwaram cafe, according to deputy chief minister Shivakumar on Friday. An hour later, the bag detonated. It was an explosion of low intensity. It was an explosion at a modest intensity. A young person arrived and took a tiny bag, which burst an hour later. Ten or so persons were hurt. 7-8 teams have been assembled to look into the event. We are examining everything. "I urge all Bangaloreans to be at ease," he uttered.

4) According to ANI, a security guard who was outside the cafe when the explosion occurred saw it happen. The motel was full of patrons. Abruptly, there was a tremendous noise, and there was fire inside the hotel, injuring people.

5) Per DK Shivakumar, the man looks to be in his 28s or 30s. He ordered Rava idli when he arrived at the cafe for breakfast. But after paying for the meal, he departed without finishing it.

6) The man carried a bag that contained an IED. A one-hour timer was included. The bag, according to an officer, was behind a woman who was seated with six other patrons.

7) The explosion happened at 1:00 PM. It took place in the Rameshwaram Cafe. A young man, who looked to be in his 28s or 30s, entered the cafe, paid for the Rava Idli at the counter, put the bag next to a tree, and walked out. The explosion happened an hour later, according to Shivakumar.

8) On Friday, a team from NIA went to the blast site. Pralhad Joshi, a union minister, has requested an NIA probe into the explosion. "The state government should advise this, the NIA should look into this, and we vehemently condemn this explosion. "These incidents are occurring because the Congress is encouraging and supporting people who are becoming radicalized," he stated.

9) Joshi further linked the explosion to radicalization in the state run by the Congress. The Karnataka assembly's purportedly pro-Pakistan slogans were also mentioned by him. "This event might not have happened if the state's Congress government had treated the Vidhana Soudha pro-Pakistan sloganeering incident seriously. The state administration responded to the Vidhana Soudha tragedy in a "silly" manner, treating the entire incident with a "casual reaction." More appeasement politics lead to a rise in radicalization, which feeds to the development of terrorism," the speaker stated.

10) "The investigation is in full swing with regard to the Rameshwaram cafe incident," stated the commissioner of Bengaluru police on Saturday. Numerous groups are working on various leads that have been found thus far. The media is urged to refrain from speculating and to assist, given the delicate nature of the case and the security issues involved.