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According to an AP-NORC study, Americans think both Joe Biden and Donald Trump "did more harm than good."

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According to a recent study, Americans are unhappy with both Biden and Trump's records because they feel they accomplished more harm than good on important subjects. Biden receives criticism for how he has handled immigration and the economy, while Trump is under assault on a number of fronts.

There's a reason why people think neither former President Donald Trump nor Vice President Joe Biden has much to talk about in terms of their own records, which explains why they spend so much time criticizing one another. Most Americans believe that both of them accomplished more harm than good on important subjects during their time in the White House.

However, the two contenders' areas of weakness differ. According to Biden, there is general dissatisfaction with two issues: immigration and the economy. Meanwhile, a sizable portion of the electorate believes that Trump has hurt the nation on a number of subjects.

According to a recent AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, over half of US adults believe that Biden's presidency has harmed immigration and the cost of living, while nearly half believe that Trump's presidency has harmed voting rights, election security, ties with other nations, abortion laws, and climate change.

"I did very well during those four years—considering the price of gas, the price of groceries, and the economy," 60-year-old Republican from Texas Christina Elliott said of the Trump administration. "I didn't have to worry about going to the grocery store and blowing half of my paycheck."

Elliott expressed disapproval of Trump's treatment of abortion and stated that the former president should "just learn how to be tactful and shut his mouth" in regards to his comments. "Aside from that, I performed admirably throughout the Trump administration," she continued.

The polling demonstrates why a few issues, like immigration for Trump and abortion for Biden, have consistently been at the center of each campaign. The former president frequently criticizes the volume of asylum applicants who have entered the country under Biden, painting a terrifying and gloomy picture of the situation. Furthermore, Biden has escalated his criticism of Trump on abortion, particularly in light of the Arizona Supreme Court's decision this past week that effectively made the procedure illegal in the state.

About one-third of respondents feel that President Trump has done more to assist people like them, while approximately 25% say that President Biden has done so. However, 30% of adults claimed that neither Trump nor Biden had helped them. It's another piece of evidence that reflects the electorate's general election disappointment, which has left important members of the Biden and Trump political coalitions feeling unenthusiastic.

Regarding a few particular problems, Americans have extremely low opinion of Biden. About two out of ten Americans believe that Biden's administration has reduced living expenses "a lot" or "somewhat," while sixteen percent believe that immigration and border security have improved. On these subjects, nearly six out of ten people feel his presidency hurt them significantly. On immigration and border security, however, nearly half of Americans—46 percent—say that Trump's presidency has had a significant or minimal impact. Ten percent said it reduced their cost of living.

Trelicia Mornes, 36, a native of Texas, said she believes the Biden administration has had a significant negative impact on regular spending.

Democrat Mornes pointed to growing rent and food prices and stated, "Now that he's in the office, the cost of living has risen out of control, and there's nothing being done about it." She stated, "He just chooses to do other things," which makes her think Biden is capable of more. Under Trump's leadership, the economy lost 2.7 million jobs as a result of the pandemic. Yet, the lockdowns during the pandemic also significantly reduced inflation. In the meantime, many people felt that Trump had improved their lot because of historically low borrowing rates and massive government stimulus supported by deficits.

Following the pandemic, Biden stimulated the economy by providing extra funding, which led to a rise of 15.2 million jobs during his administration. However, many analysts believe that supply chain problems, Russia's war in Ukraine, and Biden's aid package have all led to rising inflation, which has harmed the Democratic Party's popularity ratings.

Part of the reason for Trump's edge on immigration and living expenses is Democrats' disinterest in Biden's performance. For instance, almost one-third of Democrats believe that Joe Biden's presidency increased living expenses, while another third believe that Biden had no effect at all. Merely 33% of Democrats believe that Biden's presidency reduced the cost of living. Three out of ten Democrats believe that Biden's presidency improved immigration and border security; a comparable number believe that it had the opposite effect; and four out of ten believe that it had no effect.

Pennsylvania Democrat Nadia Stepicheva, 38, is dissatisfied with Biden's immigration policies. Stepicheva remarked, "The issue is that I really don't like illegal immigration." Even if they enter the country illegally, she believes that those who do so should be permitted to work so that government funds aren't utilized to house and care for them.

Although Stepicheva has always supported Democrats and their ideals, she added, "I feel like the last four years, too much money has been spent on immigration and student loan forgiveness." Regarding who she will vote for in November, she stated that she is undecided. However, independents also think poorly of Biden on these matters: About half of independents believe that the country's cost of living has increased under Biden's presidency. Approximately 40% of independent voters believe that Biden's presidency has harmed the nation's foreign policy and health care costs.

Trump has a different problem.

Though the general feeling of harm is somewhat broader, the former president is not questioned about any subjects where more than half of Americans believe he did more harm than good. About 50% of Americans believe that his administration had a more negative impact than positive one on issues like foreign policy, voting rights, election security, abortion legislation, and climate change.

Republican Catherine Scott, who recently relocated to New York from Florida, expressed anxiety about Trump's foreign policy strategy. The 30-year-old Scott stated, "I know that some people really admire Trump's ability to be a spitfire and just say whatever is on his mind." However, Scott said, "I don't think he has all the foresight to understand that might not always be the thing to do," referring to Trump's praise for autocrats like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jobs are generally the best subject for both Biden and Trump. Here, Trump has a little advantage: 36% believe Biden's presidency was helpful, while almost half believe Trump's helped. Additionally, about half of Americans believe that Trump's administration has improved immigration, and four out of ten believe that it has reduced the cost of living.

Regarding all other issues, just about three out of ten Americans believe that either Biden or Trump made a significant or minor contribution to the nation. However, Republicans generally perceive Trump's presidency to be more beneficial than Biden's, especially on matters where Biden has attempted to draw attention to his accomplishments. For instance, just roughly 50% of Democrats believe that Biden's administration has reduced health care costs or the effects of climate change. Regarding abortion regulations, 77% of Democrats believe that Trump's administration was at least somewhat detrimental. However, only roughly 4% of Democrats believe that Biden's presidency was helpful, and a comparable percentage believe it hasn't had any impact.

On the other hand, about 80% of Republicans believe that Trump's administration has improved border security, immigration, and the cost of living.